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Show NameHours On AirDays On AirShow/Talent
Big Butt Morning Show6 -10a Monday - FridayMad Max
Mid-Day10a - 2pMonday - FridayThom Anthony
Afternoon2 - 7pMonday - FridayChris Wolfe
Evenings7p - 12aMonday - FridayAaronee
Rise Up Country7 - 9aSundayJohn Ritter
New Music Nashville9 - 10aSundayBob Guerra
Boot Scootin' 90's10a - 12pSunday
Crook & Chase12 - 4p SundayLorianne Crook & Charlie Chase
Talent Bios

Mad Max

I started my radio career in high school and have worked in Williston North Dakota, Marshall Minnesota, Sioux Falls South Dakota, Minot North Dakota and Minneapolis Minnesota. I love my job, and look forward to waking you up weekdays with the “Big Butt Morning Show”!


Tom Anthony

Most embarrassing moment on the air: It happened 25 years ago … my brain was working faster than my mouth. I combined two words, which came out as one of the seven you can’t say on the air. I actually gave my notice that day, but seven years later, came back to working in radio because “I love it!”

Favorite sport: FOOTBALL !!!!!!!

Favorite toy as a child: Can’t remember back that far … LOL

What do you eat for breakfast: Anything that isn’t moving 

Best subjects in school: English, Art and Music.

What would you do on a perfect day off: Go fishing on a sunny summer day.

Favorite ice cream: Peppermint Bon Bon (that’s showing my age because I think they call it something different now).

Favorite movie: So many … in fact … too many to mention.

Favorite food: PIZZA

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Chris Wolfe

I was born and raised in the west. Growing up I listened to the radio every day!  I wanted to one day to be on the radio and connect with people in a little room with a microphone. Thanks to all those jocks that put up with me hounding them to play my song or give me a t-shirt.

I eventually went to broadcasting school in Spokane, WA. I started in radio in 1991, working every shift on all types of stations over the years. I know that I am extremely lucky and grateful to be able to make a career out of being on the radio.

I am a huge hockey fan (Go Blackhawks), the best sport ever to watch live! I play the tenor drum in a bagpipe band. I love spending time with my family, I like a good beer, or even a bad one, I also have a thing for bacon. Thanks for listening and letting me be a part of your day!



I Love me some good country music. I grew up listening to Ricky Skaggs, Vince Gill and The Judd’s. I love that country music has such emotion and can tell such a great story. Today you will catch me belting out something from Luke Bryan, Chris Stapleton or Lady Antebellum. God, Country and Family are so important to me and country music celebrates those things.   I love animals. =) I have a small petting zoo of sorts. hahha I have 13 chickens, 2 cats and a goat named Gwen. She is great and I want more! I have been doing radio for 16+ years and it really is the coolest job ever. I really wish I had my first radio breaks recorded. I was awful!!! My mom called me and asked me what on earth I was doing? She said I sounded like a 1-900 operator. So It wasn’t good. 😉 But I kept going and I am blessed to work with great people doing what I love.





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