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  • Tegan Marie: a New Voice of Possibility

    At age 14, rising artist Tegan Marie has a talent that most veteran songwriters would love to have. And that is to write a killer song that radiates happiness and positivity whenever it’s time to write. She’s been writing her whole life […]

  • The Music From Nashville on CMT

    If the music from season five left a lasting mark on you, wait until you hear the music from season six. Check back here every week for an updated list of all of the new songs from the show. […]

  • Kalie Shorr Talks “Time’s Up” by Song Suffragettes

    On the night of the 75th annual Golden Globes, Kalie Shorr dressed in black and went to a viewing party at her friend Kim Paige’s house. Other girlfriends were there rocking the same matching color as a show of solidarity with the Hollywood […]

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